Foresee, Innovate, Grow


The retail aspect of the business is dictated by the scope of work. We can either fulfil a traditional retail oversight role, or informing and suggesting, or we are able to ‘roll our sleeves up’ and complete the task for you, in addition to advising. We have been involved in assessing an upmarket banking hospitality facility to assure the various stakeholders (who were unskilled in this field) that the operator was, in fact, operating to the highest standards and in the stakeholders’ best interests.

To provide another example; we have been involved in long haul consultancies where we became integrated with the customer, to the extent that what we did infiltrated the entire business and informed all decisions emanating from and around the department involved. The fundamental flexibility of this approach is a unique selling proposition for us, and one that ensures you get the best service for the best price.


Training is in-depth and offers a very tangible return. Ideally we operate with a small group, so we can focus on the nuances of the business.

Small changes very often make the biggest impact in the long term, and we look for those along with any big hits that we may find.

Course delegates are tasked to analyse their sales and encouraged to uncover discrepancies or opportunities – under our guidance to start. They are then sent back to their businesses to work on a series of tasks for when we next meet. As these tasks are completed, the financial results are scrutinised from module to module to ensure we are on the right track with regards to upward traction.

Courses can be tailored to run from 3 to 6 months, meeting once a month.


Over the years, we have found that often people require further assistance to drive sales and are often either time constrained or really don’t know where to start.

At The Prophet Margin, we have teamed up with a series of industry professionals - from advertising agencies, interior designers and merchandising material suppliers, to bespoke, unique and cost effective selling Platforms can be designed to your specifications and tailored to your branding and corporate identity requirements.

Actual and functional examples of the above can be viewed on our case studies page.