unlock your brands potential.

The Prophet Margin uses a combination of experience, initiative and intuition to look at your business uniquely, to PREDICT opportunities for INNOVATION that result in real and sustainable business GROWTH.

retail consultancy

Whether you are looking to simply increase your sales by repositioning your product, wanting to launch in a new direction or perhaps be first to market with your business, The Prophet Margin can help with practical, relevant and innovative solutions and approaches.


We believe training is all about the application of learnings – we focus on Developing a Retail Mindset that then manifests in practical applications and positive changes, both financial and customer related, that occur after in-depth personalised and relevant interventions.

Retail solutions

Are you looking for a new approach to sell Coke and popcorn? How about books? Chocolates? Pet accessories? Whatever you want to sell, we have a solution for you. We will consider your requirements and package them in a tailor-made and cost effective manner.