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about us

The Prophet Margin is headed up by Colin Barclay, who has over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality and Retail sectors.

With a strong focus on personalised service, The Prophet Margin has the ability to analyse data at hand and rapidly convert this to readily accessible information that enables us to deliver flexible and tailor-made solutions to a range of areas.

We bring a new and different perspective to your business – taking the ‘store blind’ approach out of the equation as we unpack the operation to find the solution you need.

A large part of what we do is all about finding new ways to drive your turnover, protect your bottom line and increase the customer experience, without necessarily changing the fundamental DNA of your business or brand.


The company, founded in 2006, has remained true to its roots of personalised service, creative thinking and challenging the status quo.

From the early days of consulting with the Food and Beverage operators at the Kruger National Park (Compass Game Park Services) - where the challenge was that their customers were regulars and had become entrenched in their ways - though to assisting the management at Investec Bank with regards their inhouse caterers; the challenge was always met.

Lately, we have been intrinsically involved in assisting the 2 major players in the cinema business in South Africa (Ster Kinekor Theatres and, later, Nu Metro Cinemas) in not only investigating and designing new service delivery lay outs and merchandising techniques, but designing, devising and implementing a very successful point of purchase promotional platform that has contributed handsomely to organically driving sales to the ultimate satisfaction of the service triangle - client, customer and supplier.

More recently, we are engaging with the Tsebo Outsourcing group across a wide spectrum of their business base – from retail solutions in their mining division to launching a new concept store for Telkom at their Centurion campus that we are assisting, driving and advising.

COMPASS GAME PARK RESERVE Investec - Private Banking STER KINEKOR NuMetro CINEMAS Tsebo - outsourcing group


With a historical background in the hospitality and catering industries, we have been exposed to many facets of retail business.

Colin has experience around the operational aspects of business (including having international exposure in the United Kingdom and Australia) as well as having brand and marketing experience.

Under the mentorship of several experienced veterans, skills learnt have been as diverse as marketing and selling product to a concert going crowd of 22 000 people, or a coffee and muffin combo to a hospital patient.

Working on the premise that knowledge is power all decisions made are informed by facts and figures - activations are supported by this approach and should there not be sufficient evidence of success then new avenues are tried.

As a company we are fans of innovation and of trying the path less travelled - not always the easiest route but we are aware that to succeed today a product needs to stand out.